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The New Stanford Stadium

Architect's Plan
Changing Profile of Stadium
Underground Electric Cables
Worker in December Rains
Placing and Drilling Stadium Pillars
Spraying Tunnel With Cement Layer
Retaining Wall South Stands / Tunnel
Rebar Worker
Rebar for Cement Wall
Moving Dirt
Stadium Tunnel Walls
Pillar Sand Blaster
Old Stairs with new Stadium
Iron Workers Build Second Deck
Iron Worker / Press Box
North End Zone Wall
North End Zone Wall
Worker / Lunch
Crew Lays Rebar for Cement Floor
Workers Install Upper Deck
Workers Install Upper Deck
Pouring Cement for Stadium Walkway
Cement Worker
Smoothing Cement for Lower Walkway
Workers Pour Lower Deck Cement
Studying Seating Layout Plans
Electrician / Press Box
Painters Fixing Tarps
Building Seat Posts and Railings
Irrigation Tubing
Lower Deck Railing Weld
Press Box
Laying Stadium Grass
Tools of the Trades

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